Tip #148: The Dangers Of The Flu Shot

tip-148-avoid-the-flu-shotNo matter how essential the ads make the flu shot sound, there are poisons and toxins lurking in them.

Tip #148: 

If you value your bodybuilding progress, avoid the flu shot this season

As the flu season approaches, you will start seeing more and more ads for the dangers of the flu and how you can protect yourself from it with the flu shot.  These ads are very compelling and the flu shot will be very convenient to get.  They’ll even come to your workplace or to your nearest mall.  All in the name of protecting your health.  Stirring up fears in you works.  That’s what the advertising campaigns elicit in the audience, fear of the flu.  The irony is, there’s more to fear in the vaccine than there is in the actual flu itself.

What is often left out is what the flu shot does.  It literally gives you a small dose of a bunch of random viruses the manufacturer guesses will be this season’s flu strain.  There is no guarantee that it will protect you from the actual strain of the virus.  The virus strain mutates each season so no one knows what it’s going to be.  Unfortunately, for the manufacturer, there is no time to actually figure out what the strain is and make a specific vaccine in time to be profitable, so they rely on guesses.

Yes, you read that right.  The key word: “profitable”.  If you had your own business selling a product, how profitable do you think you could be if the government decided to promote your product for you and at times even buy it from you to give it to people for free?  I would guess you’d be very profitable.

Why is the flu shot dangerous?

Besides the strains being a guess, what makes flu shots dangerous is the ingredients that are put into them to preserve them.  Things like formaldehyde (remember the stench of the liquid from your biology class in which the frogs and rats were preserved?) and Thimerosal (by weight, 49% of which is mercury.)  You can read the list of ingredients on the FDA’s own website.

The flu shot suppresses your immune system.  All vaccines do.  It gets suppressed for weeks after the vaccine was administered.  Just imagine how a suppressed immune system would affect your bodybuilding progress.  Add to that mercury, which is a neurotoxin wreaking havoc on your nervous system.  Here’s a great video explaining how exposure to even low amounts of mercury negatively affects your brain and nerves.  Absolutely worth the 4 minutes and 23 seconds it takes to watch:

The good news is, you have the choice whether to subject yourself to something that has no guarantees, only promises, with a whole lot of downsides.

Choose wisely as there is no going back once those toxins are in your system.  They’ll depress your gains and keep you out of the gym far longer than the actual flu would.

If you ever got the flu shot, what made you choose to get it?

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